A Nim library to generate random bytes, strings and integers using platform provided sources of randomness.


reCAPTCHA support for Nim, including rendering the noCAPTCHA element and verifying a user’s response.


A Nim library to read from and write to serial ports across various platforms. Tested on Windows and OS X, with the additional ability to list available serial ports using platform specific methods.


Semantic versioning parser for Nim.

Allows the parsing of version strings into objects and the comparing of version objects.


A simple database migration utility for Nim.

Database migrations let you easily manage the state of your SQL database, tracking and automating the applying of changes.

This package is available as both a library and a command line application, with very similar interfaces.


dotenv implementation for Nim. Loads environment variables from .env

Storing configuration in the environment is one of the tenets of a twelve-factor app. Anything that is likely to change between deployment environments–such as resource handles for databases or credentials for external services–should be extracted from the code into environment variables.


A simple terminal based progress bar for Nim.

Using a progress bar to provide feedback upon the progress of some current action can greatly help with the user interface of your program, with terminals being no different. This package provides an easy to use, customisable progress bar. You can define the width, step, length and the characters to use for the bar’s display upon creation.


b2 is a Go wrapper for the Backblaze B2 API.

It provides convenient access to buckets and files within B2.